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Every point of customer contact defines your brand.

Every communications channel can be harnessed to make your brand more relevant and compelling.

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A brand is much more than a logo or an advertising campaign. It is the manifestation of an organizational vision.

The brand increasingly is becoming the key source of differentiation that guides customer purchase choice. It is the focal point around which an organization defines how it will uniquely deliver value to the customer for a profit – effectively embodying the "heart and soul" of that organization. The brand's promise is delivered through its products, services, and consumer communication – the total customer relationship and experience. If the brand is well conceived and consistently delivered through all business processes and customer contacts, the organization will grow and prosper.

Branding: Why it Matters.

Brands personify organizations and their products and services. That is, brands allow non-human entities to take on human qualities such as trustworthiness, authenticity, vitality and reliability.

In this way, brands enable entities to create emotional connections with customers and potential customers, resulting in more frequent usage and greater loyalty.

Brands are also the sources of promises to customers. They promise relevant differentiated benefits. Most people associate only one or two attributes with any organization, product or service. Well thought out branding increases the likelihood that the attributes chosen are relevant, believable, and compelling.

It has been repeatedly proven that strong brands deliver the following business benefits:
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Build Your Brand. Win the Day.

Developing a brand is a two pronged process that first requires strategic thinking to determine the meaning and value of your brand. The second step is visually communicating your new brand and applying it to all aspects of your business. This is the tangible application that creates a strong and unified front for your firm, but with it comes a long laundry list of items that will need to be updated.

To help you identify what these items are, Stratatomic has developed this helpful guide to the services we can provide your company:

Advertising Collateral/Sales Tools External Communications Internal Communications Product/Packaging
Signage Stationery/Corporate Identity Tradeshows/Events Web/Digital Presence

Extend the Power of Your Brand Across All Media.

Stratatomic truly understands the importance of an effective website and maintaining a consistent brand and identity across all mediums. Our core services include PRINT, WEB, and INTERACTIVE, so we can effectively deliver a uniform brand experience. View our brand building and web site development case studies and see how we transformed businesses by defining their core identity and cohesively applying that brand message throughout all media.

With each client engagement our design team creates a branded user experience that is marked by clarity and ease-of-use while conveying a client's core value proposition, whether it be a marketing message or streamlining a business process.

Protect Your Brand Assets By Registering Your Trademark.

Your brand is one of your company's most valuable assets. As such, you need to protect it to ensure exclusivity and forbid copycats from diluting the value of your brand. As a registered agent with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO), Stratatomic can assist you with federal trademark registration at a fraction of the cost of hiring an attorney. We've helped dozens of companies secure their business names, logos, products and services. Our experience with this process means we can quickly and affordably assist you from start to finish.

Failure to properly register your trademark can be a costly mistake. If another business competitor beats you to the punch, they can legally force you to change the name or likeness of your business, logo, product or service. That can be expensive and time consuming, as well as cause confusion among your customers. Without a federally registered trademark, you won't have much of a defense. Registration is the easiest and cheapest insurance against such an unpleasant experience. Furthermore, your trademark is a valuable part of the intellectual property of your business, and it can significantly enhance the marketability of your business should you choose to sell it in the future. Contact us for more information on securing and protecting your company's brand assets.