Social Media Management Greenville by Stratatomic Social Media Management

Extend the Reach of Your Brand Throughout Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.
Stratatomic understands how to harness the power and reach of all the leading social media channels to effectively communicate your brand's message to your existing and potential customer base. We have created and managed social media platforms for a variety of leading businesses, including our own, building an audience and helping turn all those likes and shares into consistent revenue streams.

In 2015, Michelle and Ryan teamed up to create The Chillwagon, a completely analog adventure and family business that delighted the Upstate with handcrafted, USDA Certified Organic ice cream, served from a vintage and fully-restored 1965 Divco milk truck. Everything was created from scratch, from the homemade ice cream, to the Divco restoration and conversion to a working ice cream truck, to the name, brand, trademark, social media and all facets of marketing and operations. Harnessing the power of the internet and social media, a loyal following was in place before the truck ever hit the road. Thousands of followers on Instagram shared in our adventure and kept up with our current whereabouts on Twitter. Bookings and inquiries were made daily on Facebook and on our website. The business quickly exploded and in less than 3 years an out of state buyer expressed interest in acquiring the company, and the time was right for an exit strategy that acheived a >300% return on investment. More importantly, many friendships and memories were made, and we were able to bring a little happiness and joy to the community in which we live. That folks, is how you build a brand and leverage the power of social media.

More Likes. More Shares. More Sales.
Every point of customer contact defines your brand. Every communications channel can be used to make your brand more relevant and compelling.

A brand is much more than a logo or an advertising campaign. It is the manifestation of an organizational vision.

The brand increasingly is becoming the key source of differentiation that guides customer purchase choice. It is the focal point around which an organization defines how it will uniquely deliver value to the customer for a profit – effectively embodying the "heart and soul" of that organization. The brand's promise is delivered through its products, services, and consumer communication – the total customer relationship and experience. If the brand is well conceived and consistently delivered through all business processes and customer contacts, the organization will grow and prosper.

Cutting through the noise that defines social media takes a cohesive brand strategy and a powerful message designed and delivered with intelligence, wit and a call to action that registers with your target audience. Our compreshensive marketing approach enables us to create and implement effective social media outreach programs that drive customers to where it counts the most - directly to your cash register.

Stratatomic's core skillset includes a comprehensive suite of services that work together to help you business grow and prosper, including Web Design, Development + eCommerce, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Branding + Identity, our exclusive WebAdmin™ Content Management System, Web Hosting + Email, Database, Applications + Custom Technology Solutions, Google Analytics™ for comprehensive site performance metrics, and Google WebTools™ for ongoing website and SEO management.

"Ryan Owens and his team at Stratatomic are clearly the most creative and effective marketing people I have ever worked with."
- Dan Angell, CEO Copper River Grill
"Your complete overhaul of our website and diligent follow up to all of our needs, printing and graphic design included, was the exact catalyst we were looking for. Your design and optimization are a large reason for the dramatic increase in traffic to our site, and the resulting increase in revenue for our business. You have been easy to work with, open to communication and always effectively shared your visions. Stratatomic has been a true game-changer in identifying and enhancing the areas of our website that weren't performing as well as they could have, and thus you will always have my highest endorsement."
- Jeff Gentile, Director of Marketing, ACL Airshop