Stratatomic is Greenville's Leading Web Design Firm

In today's digital world, you need a solutions provider who can bring multiple systems and technologies together cohesively and efficiently. But equally as important, you need a partner who can use both sides of their brain to design technical solutions that are built around the customer, not the other way around.

Stratatomic's core web services include Web Design, Development + eCommerce, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Branding + Identity, our exclusive WebAdmin™ Content Management System, Web Hosting + Email, Database, Applications + Custom Technology Solutions, Google Analytics™ for comprehensive site performance metrics, and Google WebTools™ for ongoing website and SEO management.

Greenville's Longest Established + Most Awarded Web Design Firm.
Over the years we've been honored with various awards and accolades for outstanding web design and development, including a 2018 Interactive Media Award (Best in Class), 2017 Interactive Media Award, 2016 WebAward, 2015 Interactive Media Award, 2014 Horizon Interactive Award (responsive website design), 2014 Horizon Interactive Award (email campaign), 2012 Horizon Interactive Award, 2010 Interactive Media Award, 2008 WebAward, 2007 Interactive Media Award, 2006 Horizon Interactive Award, and 2005 WebAward.

Strategic thinking and a common-sense approach to solving the task at hand distinguishes Stratatomic and defines our methodology. With a diverse background in a variety of technologies, applications and design, we are able to effectively solve most any "problem" and most importantly make life easier for you. Isn't that what technology is all about?

"Technology alone is not enough – it's technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the result that makes our hearts sing."
Steve Jobs

Web Design, Development + eCommerce

Greenville Web DesignHarness the Power of the internet to Boost Your Business.
It takes more than a website to use the internet as a key revenue channel.

It requires coordination across all of your sales channels, integration with fulfillment and delivery systems, and a compelling customer experience.

eCommerce and web strategies that coordinate the channels of revenue and distribution.

Compelling, consistent storefronts and portals that drive sales and reinforce your brand.

Fulfillment and delivery systems, integrated seamlessly, to increase customer satisfaction.

STRATATOMIC enables your collaboration with customers and suppliers to create highly personalized websites - products that earn long-term loyalty and increase revenues.

Driven by marketing, realized through design and delivered by the latest technology - Stratatomic's success is in the planning, creative energy and quality we put into our clients' projects.

Stratatomic Web Design Greenville SC
We have a proven method of building web sites. Because we've been doing it successfully for nearly two decades, we've evolved a way of working that has proven itself, time and again. Our method consists of six clear stages:

1. Concept, Strategy and Structure
We work with our clients to develop their initial ideas into an effective online strategy.

2. Creative and Content
We create interesting and lively content that enhances a company's marketing strategy while reinforcing brand values.

3. Prototype
We get a web site up and running early on, allowing clients, through password-protected access, to see the site's development in real time.

4. Production
A single team is dedicated to your site for the entire production process.

5. Proofing and Testing
Each web site undergoes rigorous testing throughout its construction.

6. Launch and Marketing
We can help clients gain exposure for their site, through on-line marketing, press releases, and e-media.

Skillful management is the secret to running a project smoothly and on time.

Using our own, customized WebAdmin™ site-management software, we provide every client with a password-protected, online development area. Clients can see the project whenever they want, following their site's development in real time. You'll work directly with the team architects from concept to completion and beyond.

We produce web sites that engage people. In doing so, we reinforce your brand and help you to establish a dialogue with consumers. Google Analytics™ site analysis tools and interactivity gives clients valuable statistical information on consumer preferences and search patterns. And Google WebTools™ provides us with valuable insights and the resources to manage your website and SEO performance over time.

Stratatomic has previously been honored with various awards and accolades for outstanding web design and development, including a 2018 Interactive Media Award (Best in Class), 2017 Interactive Media Award, 2016 WebAward, 2015 Interactive Media Award, 2014 Horizon Interactive Award (responsive website design), 2014 Horizon Interactive Award (email campaign), 2012 Horizon Interactive Award, 2010 Interactive Media Award, 2008 WebAward, 2007 Interactive Media Award, 2006 Horizon Interactive Award, and 2005 WebAward.

At Stratatomic, we understand your current marketing mix. And, because we know the internet and how the public uses it, we're able to completely assimilate your brand positioning into the on-line marketing environment. View the Greenville, SC Web Design Case Studies for Custom Dock Systems, Pump South or Copper River Grill.

HANDS-ON CASE STUDY: Stratatomic Builds an Online Business from the Ground-Up
Click here to learn how Stratatomic utilized Google AdSense,™ Google WebTools and Google Analytics to successfully build a brand and web presence from the ground-up - causing a buzz on the internet and creating a consistent revenue stream that has been featured on the Google Blog,,,,,,,,,, Upstate Parent Magazine and to name but a few.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Greenville SEOYour Customers Are Looking For You.
What you say, and how you say it, will directly affect not only your website's overall effectiveness and usefulness to its target audience, but it will also be a significant determining factor in your website's search engine performance.

Stratatomic has knowledgeable expertise with creating effective copy and website text, as well as an in-depth understanding of search engine ranking algorithms and the methods they use to catalog and rank your site (PageRank, RankBrain, etc). The result is more traffic, more satisfied customers, and more sales. All Stratatomic websites include Google Analytics and Google WebTools for effective management of your SEO initiatives.

Stratatomic begins each page design by understanding the actual Content. Content is King on the internet. What does the content say? Does it say it effectively? What is the overall message? How can we communicate effectively and get your point across in a way that engages each visitor personally? How can we optimize this message and content for Search Engines to draw in visitors with effective Keywords, Metatags, Link Building, strategic copywriting, and skillful coding techniques such as ALT tags for photos and graphics. While difficult to explain, basically we will carefully craft each and every page around the actual content itself, applying all the SEO techniques in our toolbox. And because we host every website that we create, we have root access to the server which allows us to leverage powerful techniques such as htaccess files, robots.txt files, xml sitemaps, and other technical considerations that can have a huge impact on your website's performance. We understand this magic formula, and we have the results to prove it.

> Visit our SEO Laboratory for an in-depth guide to understanding PageRank, Links + Content, RankBrain and SERP

Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Greenville, SC
Web Usage Statistics:
> 40% of users will not return to site when they have had a negative experience.
> 79% of users scan web page
> 62% of users do not find what they are looking for on a site.
> Users read 25% slower online than in print.
> Users spend less than 3 minutes on most web sites.
> A user will decide within 20 seconds if they are going to browse past the home page of your web site.

Online Branding + Identity

Greenville Branding and IdentityMake a Lasting Impression.
Many businesses have ignored the importance of online branding, and yet research shows that over 40% of adult internet users have changed their perception about a company, positively or negatively, solely based on an online experience.

The fact that a website is an interactive experience - not just a passive encounter - is both a threat and an opportunity. The Web is an excellent vehicle for companies that want to create a positive, engaging online environment that will move their business forward and solidify a leadership position.

Branding and Identity Development Greenville, SC
Stratatomic truly understands the importance of an effective website and maintaining a consistent brand and identity across all mediums. Our core services include PRINT, WEB, AND INTERACTIVE, so we can effectively deliver a uniform brand experience.

With each client engagement our design team creates a branded user experience that is marked by clarity and ease-of-use while conveying a client’s core value proposition, whether it be a marketing message or streamlining a business process.

> Learn more about our comprehensive brand-building strategies and services.

HANDS-ON CASE STUDY: Stratatomic Builds a Brand from the Ground-Up.
Click here to learn how Stratatomic utilized Google AdSense,™ Google WebTools and Google Analytics to successfully build a brand and web presence from the ground-up - causing a buzz on the internet and creating a consistent revenue stream that has been featured on the Google Blog,,,,,,,,,, Upstate Parent Magazine and to name but a few.

WebAdmin™ Content Management System

WebAdmin CMSCustom Programmed for Each Individual Client.
Our powerful yet simple site management technology enables clients to easily update their website. Just point and click! And because WebAdmin™ is custom programmed specifically for each client's unique needs, it's designed around the way your business works. That means there is no interface clutter or confusing extraneous "features" that don't apply to you. Rather, WebAdmin™ is built to do just what you want it to do, in the way you want it to be done.

WebAdmin Content Management System
Because Templates Are For Rookies.
Say goodbye to never-ending headaches that come with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and the like. All of these Content Management Systems offer cookie-cutter shortcuts that lead to constant updates, critical hacks, patches, broken modules, server downtime, and uninspiring templates that anyone, anywhere can use just like yours. We've rescued many a client from the throes of WordPress nightmares, and have never, ever built a site using one of these website-in-a-can systems. Why? Because any designer or programmer worth their salt can build it better themselves. Anyone trying to sell you one of these systems is looking for a shortcut and an easy paycheck - not trying to solve the problem at hand by building a better mousetrap. We've got the awards and results to prove it.

Read more about why custom-coded websites outperform every time and download the Sucuri™ Website Hacked Trend Report to learn more about the pitfalls of Wordpress, Joomla!, Drupal and other common CMS platforms.

Because we custom program WebAdmin™ ourselves to fit your needs, the only limit to what it can do is your own imagination. WebAdmin™ never needs updating, patching, or troubleshooting, so it's guaranteed to work when you need it to. WebAdmin™ is completely scalable and flexible, and it can grow as your business evolves or your needs change.

Stratatomic’s proprietary WebAdmin™ eCommerce and site-management technology recently surpassed $15 million in online sales transactions and order processing. Today, WebAdmin™ enables clients of all sizes to effectively manage their own site content or storefront and is the power behind websites that receive more than 2 million page requests per month and average hundreds of orders per day.

Web Hosting + Email

Greenville Web HostingThink Service - Not Servers.
Stratatomic website hosting solutions connect to the internet backbone through OC3 and multiple T3 lines to GTE, Sprint, and UUNet with N+1 redundancy. With guaranteed 99.9% uptime, our connection to the internet is among the fastest and most reliable available, backed by unparalleled service and support that you can depend on. Our hosting platform features a RAID 5 configuration for maximum redundancy and data integrity and is powered by a Linux operating system and Apache HTTP Server technology, which is the backbone of the internet and used by many of the largest eCommerce firms and government agencies, including Amazon, Google, IBM, NASA, NYSE, the US Department of Defense, and many more. Our web hosting infrastructure completed a SAS 70 Type II Audit Process and Certification in 2010.

Our state-of-the-art hosting technology is backed by outstanding Customer Service and Reliable Technical Support, available 24x7x365. Our success is in the seamless integration and exceptional service and support we provide for the complete system.

Web Hosting and Email Greenville, SC
Email for the Enterprise: Stop SPAM at the Server Level.
All Stratatomic Hosting Plans feature our incredibly powerful CleanMail™ Intelligent E-mail System, which allows you to personally customize your own settings and SPAM tolerance for each individual account or globally across your entire domain. You can manage your CleanMail™ preferences online from any computer using our WebAdmin™ site management software. You'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Database, Applications + Custom Technology Solutions

Database and Custom TechnologyTHE BIG BANG! Basis, Application, Nuance, Growth.
Our experience has resulted in a unique approach to achieving client objectives, uncovering new opportunities, and building value. We call it the BANG process. It's designed to help companies achieve short-term goals through rapid phased development, and it consists of four key components.

Custom Technology Solutions Greenville, SC
The BASIS stage is an in-depth discovery process that defines the client's long-term vision. Key personnel at the client company are involved, so Stratatomic can understand the client's overall goals and identify where the company can see the best return on its investment. Basis stage meetings result in a project plan that identifies and prioritizes the objectives of the project, as well as the resources required for development and data integration. Basis stage documentation serves as a blueprint for Stratatomic's software developers.

During the APPLICATION stage, the project is storyboarded in detail and the required software is then developed to meet the client's objectives. The last step of the Application phase is quality-assurance testing to ensure the product meets all design specifications.

The NUANCE stage is the official deployment of the project and includes fine tuning and the official launch of the website or application. At this stage, Stratatomic will also conduct training for employees on how to use the new technology.

The GROWTH stage of the BANG process is a follow-up meeting to discuss the success of Phase 1 and the implementation of additional components discovered in the Basis stage and identified as future enhancements.

Google Analytics™

Google AnalyticsResults You Can Take to the Bank.
Google Analytics™ not only lets you measure sales and conversions, but also gives you fresh insights into how visitors use your site, how they arrived on your site, and how you can keep them coming back. Every Stratatomic website incorporates this valuable tool to help you gain the most value from your online experience.

Google Analytics

Google WebTools™

Google WebToolsOngoing Website + SEO Management.
Google WebTools™ is designed to provide web developers with powerful insights into search performance metrics and the tools to manage them. An integral part of our ongoing Search Engine Optimzation and management strategy, we use Google WebTools™ for search analytics data reports, including top search queries, total clicks, impressions, click through rate (CTR), position (rank), page views, countries, devices, search type, and much more.

Additionally, we use Google WebTools™ to analyze the inbound links to your website, monitor website security and other issues, and submit your website and sitemaps to Google for indexing, robots.txt files, crawl stats, international targeting, and other technical aspects that affect your website's search performance and should be proactively managed over time.

Google WebTools