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Logos, Branding + Corporate Identity

Stratatomic has created hundreds of award-winning logos, brands and corporate identities for leading businesses both large and small, domestic and international. Our logos have appeared on six continents and even in New York City's Times Square.

We strive to understand the unique personality and voice that each business possesses, developing a strategic brand identity that reflects those qualities in a clear and powerful visual form. Our goal is to create a professional and consistent appearance that represents your business values accurately and positions your company to stand apart from the crowd. With every logo or corporate identity project we undertake, we adhere to three basic tenets for building relevant and lasting brands:

The visual identity can't even begin without the background of the brand, and where it intends to go. Giving the brand a personality and beliefs makes it approachable to consumers.

These are all the elements that you will use to express what your brand is about, and what it stands for. Outlining these in the guidelines is essential if you want to achieve consistency within your brand.

This will be your measure into whether or not your brand is successful. Knowing where you want to be gives your brand a clear goal.

"Ryan is extremely creative, and can always come up with a catchy print ad or new marketing idea when asked. It seems he never runs out of new, clever ideas to help us promote our business."
Dan Angell, Copper River Grill
"I am always impressed with the response we get from Stratatomic. Our calls or emails are returned promptly and because Ryan understands our business now, he has become a virtual employee in a sense. He thinks about things we can't envision but they always fit so well into the big picture."
Chuck Thomas, FMS